Ethnic Dance Connection (EDC2)
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Programs & Benefits - Benefits to Schools & Communities
Benefits to Schools & Communities
Ethnic Dance Connection programs provide schools and communities with a powerful experience that celebrates the diversity of America's multi-cultural heritage. These programs also give students opportunities to serve their communities in constructive ways.


  • To supplement student leaning about many of the world’s countries and ethnic groups, to celebrate cultural diversity and to honor the outstanding work of youth


  • To provide teachers a way to link classroom learning to other learning
  • To provide schools with activities that help break down cultural barriers
  • To provide the entire school community (faculty, staff, students, parents, guests, board members) with a powerful experience

Service Experience:

  • Students present an assembly to the entire school community
  • Schools provide students with a significant learning experience and a fun performance experience

Instructional Procedure:

  • Students review accomplishments of previous classes or of other schools  (videos, photos)
  • Students learn a variety of dances and songs in an active learning environment (learning by doing)
  • Students are exposed to a variety of different cultural norms
  • Students use videos, books and the internet to research for maps, flags and interesting facts about other countries and ethnic groups

 School/Home Connection:

  • Support of an extended network of family and friends is important as students may be immigrants themselves or may have family and friends  from other countries or ethnic groups

Experiential Component:

  • Ethnic dance programs provide students with first-hand experience of cultural diversity as they dance, sing and share information from other countries and ethnic groups